Our story

We are three. Julia, Joonas and Johannes.

First there was Joonas and Johannes. They are brothers from different parents. Joonas had a background was in sales, and Johannes had a background in media production. The boys started making marketing video together, so that Joonas could sell more.

Then Joonas started dating Julia. Julia had a background in marketing. Julia made a Wix website for the boys, so they could sell marketing videos. Soon the trio expanded their marketing video business into Wix websites.

Joonas and Johannes have parents who live at a ranch. The three go there often to enjoy life and think about how serve customers better with their marketing solutions. That's where the name, Ränch, comes from.

Ränch as with a Finnish twist, but we serve brands, businesses and entrepreneurs all over the planet.

Today Ränch is a fast and friendly marketing agency, that offers it's customer inexpensive solutions that create quick and continuous results.


We still operate our business from the city of Espoo, near Helsinki, Finland, but we have had the honor to partner with some global giants as well with some top of the notch freelancers around the globe, so we can continue serving you faster, friendlier and especially with better results.


At the heart of our values is to help those who don't have the same opportunities and freedom as we who have grown up on a Nordic ranch have.

We have committed to sharing a part of our profit to those, who offer more direct help to those in most need.

We donate:


1 % of our profit to empower all the girls with Plan International

1 % of our profit to preserving our planet through WWF

We challenge you!

2019 is the first year, that we did the 1% commitment. We work very hard every day to make our donation as big as possible.


At the end of the year we publish our transparent figures and make the donations. We challenge every human, business and entrepreneur to join our 1% commitment, and give more to those who need it the most.


It's simultaneously important to us, that we don't simply share a part of our profit away, but that we also work with companies who share our values, and that together we grow bigger and help even more.

© 2019, Ränch. The best Nordic Wix partner.